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DAVID E Gelb Announces his run for the 8th U.S. District in Ohio

David Gelb will stand up for Women’s body autonomy and fair and decent wages for the People of Ohio and against the Extremists who try to take your rights away.

West Chester, Ohio—The people of Ohio should send to the U.S. Congress a person who personally represents the 8th District, not the interests of the extreme sides of their parties.  They need to send a strong, trustworthy leader who represents them with a record of integrity and personal courage in the face of extremism. Someone who supports the U.S. Constitution and will boldly fight to improve people’s lives, not just hold an office but to make Ohio and America a better place.

The inaction and dysfunction of our current representative in the Federal Government needs to end. To make significant accomplishments for Ohio’s 8th District, we need people willing to cross the aisle and work with their fellow citizens. Most of Ohio’s Republican members of Congress have failed in their responsibilities and are ineffective as our representatives. Gelb said, “My thoughts are for the people of Ohio and how to improve their lives. A critical issue to the campaign will be the fight for Women’s right to choose, workers’ rights to fair and equitable wages, reducing healthcare costs, common sense gun control, and border security against criminals and drug dealers.”

Gelb said, “As a Jewish candidate, it is important to fight against racism, xenophobia, and homophobia.  Never backing down and sticking up to bullies has been my philosophy in life.  Fighting for the significant majority of Americans who emotionally identify with a fundamental American value of our rights to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Gelb said, “As a Small Business Management graduate, I began working for several enormous corporations after graduation. It did not take me long to start being disheartened by the challenges and bureaucracy of these monstrous companies. So, instead of being disillusioned, I used my observations of workers being treated poorly to better myself with an MBA degree. With the help of no one, my Wife and I took the brave step of leaving the corporate life behind and starting our own business. Our small business focuses on indoor and outdoor air pollution control, which benefits small and large companies and ensures their employees’ safety and health.”

Gelb mentioned that “My likely opponent will either be Warren Davidson, known for his extremist views and disgust for spending money on Ohioans, or a known felon who stole from the people in Ohio’s 8th District.” Congressman Warren Davison has voted against most issues typical of American values in Ohio.  He had voted against Coronavirus relief that was promoted by the ex-president Trump.  He also recently voted against holding George Santos responsible for his crimes and failure to meet the standards of sitting as a Congress member. The measure to expel Santos, which required a two-thirds majority, easily passed with 311 lawmakers in favor of expulsion, including 105 Republicans, which Davidson was not included. This is typical of his record of not supporting American values and caring nothing for Ohio’s people. 

Born to a low-income family of five, with a young Jewish mother and father from Boston, MA, he was taught the value of a hard work ethic. His Wife of 22 years, Annemarie Valdez Gelb, and family moved to West Chester, Ohio, over 16 years ago to start a new adventure in Ohio. His German/Austrian ancestors go all the way back to the Revolutionary War on his dad’s side, and my Wife’s heritage runs back to the Conquistadors in her native New Mexico. Both Gelb’s are children of US Air Force members, one a mechanic and the other an air traffic controller. He holds a B.S. from the W.A. Franke Business School of Northern Arizona University and an Honors MBA degree from Regis University in Colorado. His Wife Annmarie holds a B.A. degree from Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. They have two young adults: one, a sophomore daughter who is an honors student at Miami University in Oxford, OH, and the second, an honors senior son in high school who has plans to join his sister in attending Miami University in 2024.

Gelb also mentioned, “Not being a career politician and not being beholden to Lobbyists gives me the latitude to work for the people.  I bring the advantage of being part of and servicing the people of the 8th District and the manufacturing community in South and Western Ohio.  Family values are important; my family has participated in our community’s Catholic churches and Jewish Synagogues. Our business has allowed me to work with small and large companies in the 8th District. Currently, plans are underway to improve workers’ pay in Ohio and attract high-tech enterprises to the area. Anything is possible with the correct values, mindset, hard work, and determination.”  Please make donations to

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