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David Gelb: A New Voice for Ohio’s 8th District!
This year, let’s bring real representation back to our district. Vote for David Gelb – a leader for change, a voice for you.
Fighting for You, Not Special Interests
In Ohio’s 8th District, it’s time for a change. For too long, our voices have been overshadowed by political extremism and empty promises. That’s why David Gelb is stepping up, offering a fresh, sincere approach to representation.
Committed to What Matters:
  • Women’s Rights: David Gelb stands firm in protecting women’s body autonomy, ensuring that personal health decisions are made by women, not politicians.
  • Healthcare for All: No one should have to choose between healthcare, rent, or food. Gelb is dedicated to making affordable healthcare accessible to every resident of District 8.
  • Fair Wages for Hard Work: In a time when living costs are rising, Gelb advocates for wages that not only meet the minimum but ensure a quality life for all workers.
  • A Rational Approach to Immigration: Recognizing the complexities of immigration, Gelb is committed to working towards a bipartisan solution that respects both security and humanity.
  • Economic Growth and Safety: He understands that the backbone of our district is its economy and the safety of its people. Gelb is dedicated to policies that spur growth and ensure the well-being of every resident.
A True Outsider:
David Gelb is not a career politician. He’s not beholden to party extremes or special interests. His commitment is to you, the people of Ohio’s 8th District. With a fresh perspective and a dedication to service, Gelb represents not just a choice, but a change.
David Gelb for Congress – Real Change, Real Representation
The constituents of Ohio 8th are united and determined to lead positive change in their communities. From Northbend to Greenville and from Oxford to Troy, the people of this district are prepared to elevate their voices and demand the attention they deserve from those in power.
The residents of Ohio 8 possess an unwavering spirit, and are poised to demonstrate the immense impact that their communities can have on the nation as a whole.
The people of Ohio 8 are unbreakable in their commitment towards progress, and are prepared to work together to make their voices heard loud and clear in Washington D.C. With their unity, passion, and unwavering confidence, the residents of Ohio 8 are determined to showcase how much they and their communities matter, and demonstrate exactly why they deserve the support of those in positions of leadership.

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